You can help bring more singing – and the joy of music – into the lives of older people living independently

DonateIncreasingly older Canadians want to age well in their own homes. With this comes the risk of isolation, depression and the need for community supports— particularly where there is early dementia. Silver Song Groups are a non-pharmaceutical intervention that helps improve mood, stimulates memory, aids breathing and grand and fine motor skills . . . and creates community inclusion and the formation of new friendships.

They also provide carers with support and respite.

There are many ways you can be involved:

  • Volunteer at a Silver Song Group or join our Board of Directors
  • Partner with us to bring a Silver Song Group to seniors in your community
  • Become a trained Silver Song Group facilitator
  • Bring a family member to a Silver Song Group

Learn more by watching our video.

Contact us to discuss unique ways you might like to support us, collaborate or a special project or establish your a Silver Song Group in your community.

“Singing is a potion for the emotion: Children settle listening to lullabies. Youth’s emotions soar with a song. We sing to raise friends . . . with spring in all our steps joyfully. Jumping for joy, singing a happy tune being free from pain and sorrow. And then, when we can no longer jump and run we join the Silver Song Club . . . each time for an hour or so we sing – forgetting aches, pains and sorrow and adding a spark to our daily life because singing is a potion for the emotion.” – Susanne, participant West Kelowna Silver Song Club. 

“My mood is always lifted. I tend to self-isolate and get depressed – a vicious circle. The club really helps me.” – Bette, participant, Hobson Road Silver Song Club

“The club helps with my circulation, breathing and mood. When I leave I feel energized and happier.” – Genevieve, participant, Missionwood Silver Song Club