The Science Of Singing

The wellness benefits of singing can be further explored through these articles and links:

The ConsultantView/Download PDF
“Regular Therapeutic Singing Sessions for Patients with Dementia Associated with 50% Reduction in Occurrences of Aggressive Behaviour” – Research Study by Alison Culverwell, Head of Older People’s Psychological Services and Consultant
RCTView/Download PDF
A controlled evaluation of the health benefits of a participative community singing program for older people (Sing For Your Life’s, Silver Song Groups).
“Lifting Voices, Spirits and Health Scores” – View/Download PDF
Sage-ing – A Journal of the Arts and Aging, Issue #13 Fall, 2014
15 Reasons you need to keep singing everyday – View/Download PDF
“Tuning your brain to its musical past” – View/Download PDF
Marjorie Horne – Kelowna Capital News Dec 30 2014. Also available at:
Sidney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health
Researching the value of music and the arts for wellbeing and health – Learn more.
Professor Stephen Clift, Sidney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health UK
Provides expert comment live on BBC Radio 3 around ‘Singing for Health’:
Sing For Your Life Foundation is a proud community participant of Arts Health Network Canada.